Advice needed on full-face helmet for petite woman!

by Emma
(Central Florida)

I've just started riding with my husband, and really can't stand the helmet I have! We bought matching helmets 3 years ago when he bought the bike, but I've just now gotten up the nerve to get on the bike with him (had a pretty scary situation a few years ago that has kept me too fearful to get on a bike again, until now).

I'm 5'1" and weight 105lb. My current helmet is an HJC IS-MAX in XS. THe hubby had the same helmet, but switched to an ICON Alliance about 18 months ago and is planning in sticking with ICON from now on. Since the HJC seemed to fit me ok in the show room, I'm hesitant to make another big purchase and then dislike the new helmet as much as this one. The only women I know that ride don't wear helmets, and are Amazonian in frame anyway.....so, I'm left to roam Google and have only become more confused!

There are three problems I have with the HJC:
1) It has so much space between my chin and the helmet that I can fit my fist between them without issue, so if I turn my head even a little, it catches a ton of wind and therefore means I have to keep my head down and neck tense the entire time...not pleasant when I'm already tense from trying to get over my bike-related fears!
2) I don't like the built-in sunglasses since they don't come down far enough, and therefore interfere with my view. The hubby's Icon has a great darkened shield that can still be seen through at night, which is a feature I like.
3) It's HOT!!! The only air I get in it is when my head is getting knocked back from the wind getting under it from the giant gap. I'd like something with more vents, like the hubby's ICON.

I'm hoping there are some similarly framed women who really love the fit of their DOT-approved, full-face helmets, and can lend some suggestions!

Thanks :)

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Aug 14, 2013
Love my new helmet :)
by: Emma

So we went to the Helmet Shop in Daytona on Sunday, and what a difference in customer service from the place I got the last one! The staff were so helpful and never rushed me. I tried on almost every XS helmet they had, as well as a couple of youth helmets.

Though I liked the Scorpion modular, it was still as heavy as the HJC I already had. I do think as far as modular goes, it would have worked though, because I could not fit my fist in between the chin bar and my face. It was a really great fit, but after trying and trying and trying some more, I decided I wanted a one-piece helmet instead due to the weight difference.

My budget was $300....and I blew it :/ After 2 hours in the shop, I kept going back again and again to the Arai RX-Q in XS. It is SO COMFORTABLE, and only weighs a minuscule 3.3 lb, which was hard to beat. The shape is just right for my head, and no squeezing or pinching with the pads. The Arai Corsair-V and Shoei RF-1100 came in at a close 2nd and 3rd respectively, but it was the RX-Q that was an absolute perfect fit. So the hubby and I decided that budgets be damned for this purchase, and I picked the design/color I liked best from the catalog since the only in-stock color was not to my liking. Two days later, I had my new helmet :)


I want to thank everyone who gave me advice again!!! All the info and website links really helped prepare me much better this time around, which made me feel a lot more confident about the decision to forget the budget and go with the helmet that fit the best!

Aug 06, 2013
Thank You!
by: Emma

Thanks so much for all the advice :D

I was fitted by a "professional" at what we thought was a reputable shop in Sanford, and was honestly questioning whether all helmets would whip me around the way this one does. I'm so happy to hear that I was not properly fitted, and that there are indeed better options for me. The article on how to size was helpful in determining that! In hindsight, the salesperson never measured me or looked at my head shape; they had minimal XS helmets in stock, and were possibly more focused on making the sale than educating me :( Lesson learned!

I I think we'll be heading to the Helmet Shop this weekend, with this page pulled up on my phone, so I can get some better advice on fit and hopefully come away with a new helmet! I'll post what I end up with once I buy!

PS: Thank you, Her-Motorcycle, for this great forum!!!

Aug 06, 2013
So. Florida
by: Lynn

I have had great luck at the Helmet Store in Daytona Beach. They have a wide variety and experienced sales staff. They also carried boots and riding clothing.

Aug 05, 2013
Second the Scorpion 900
by: Karen

I upgraded to the Scorpion modular helmet (small) after watching friends on a trip last year, and I LOVE modular!

Modular, by design, has more room in front of your chin, but this has a wind guard there plus a snap-out warmer layer over the chin in the winter. It also has built in space for a communication unit and room for the mic.

What I love about modular is that as soon as I stop, I can lift the whole thang up off my face. AIR! Not just at gas stations, but also at train crossings and road construction delays. And when I want to go into the gas station for chocolate or into a hotel to ask for a room, I can flip it up and be seen and heard without needing the whole off-again-on-again routine every time.

Aug 05, 2013
and ill fitting helmet is as dangerous as no helmet
by: demenshea

Hello Emma,
Whoever sold you that ridiculous helmet should be slapped. There is no way that he/she didn''t notice that it didn't fit, if it is indeed that large.

I suggest you spend about an hour at a GOOD dealer and try on helmets, walk around and wear each one at least 15 minutes and allow the person in the helmet dept. to fit it.

Here is a link to help you with the fit.

Here is a great place for women's gear written by a woman who is petite.

She will have lots of advice for you, and for specific questions, email her!!

Schuberth makes an excellent tiny helmet, but it's at the top of the cost spectrum. Scorpion makes many women's helmets and there are some that are petite. I would also read this article and see what shape your head it as that will help you get the best helmet based on shape. VERY HELPFUL!!!

Good luck. I have lots of gear info on my blog, however, I am not petite. I'm sure you'll be able to find the right size. There are many tiny female riders and racers!!

Aug 05, 2013
Scorprion EXO-900
by: Anonymous

I have the Scorpion EXO 900 transformer modular helmet in extra small and really like it.
I thought I was going to have to buy a junior helmet, but the Xsmall fits my tiny head well.

You can replace the outer visor with a variety of tinted versions from light smoke to darker and metallic (I have the light smoke one, and still see fine at night). I find that the inner sunshield comes down low enough for me.

It also has vents in the chin ad top of head. Also, you can convert it to a 3/4 helmet if you want to switch from the full-face.

Aug 05, 2013
by: Yvonne - FL

I went to the bike shop and tried a variety on. I have several, full face, open face, and half, different weather needs different helmet. My full has the dual shield, which I love. Being in Florida, I need a half when it's hot, though I do ride occassionally without one. If I could find a half that also has the dual shields, I would be in heaven. The half I do use doesn't have a shield and I haven't been able to find one to fit it. I will keep looking. The best thing to do is to try some on, just like shoes. lol Good luck.

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