Advice ladies...go with your adventure side or listen to the masses?

by slbrides

I recently decided I wanted to get a bike. A friend has an immaculate 1985 Honda Shadow 700 and it got me thinking that it would be a cheap way for me to get in to it. My husband knows better than to tell me no, even though I know it makes him nervous. But he also has an interest so that was my "in".

Some history is that I grew up riding dirt bikes, BUT I lost my father to a motorcycle accident (street) when I was 17. Yes, major bummer that has affected my whole life. Why I want to do this is not yet explained. And I am going to take a lot of crap from family and friends for wanting to do this. I already am.

Husband says ok, just take the MSF course which is fine.

First question is, do I cave to the pressure I will receive from the immediate family? And secondly, is the bike too much for a first bike? I am hoping that previous experience at least helps me a bit, although the street thing will be all new.

New to the site, glad I found it and am looking forward to your advice!

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Apr 05, 2011
1985 Honda?
by: coffeepoet

Glad you're getting a bike, but I'd think twice about getting one that old. It can be very difficult to find parts. I work in a bike shop and we get people in all the time who are trying to resurrect an old bike. It's a big headache.

As far as size/cc-there are two schools of thought. Buy a smaller cc bike to learn to ride on, then sell it for a larger/heavier/more comfortable ride. The other way is to buy the bike you really want and learn to ride it. Whichever way you go, you'll probably trade bikes a few times!

Sep 27, 2010
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much for your thoughts...was having computer issues and couldn't find this link!

I got my permit today! After having failed it on Friday...it was a basic learners permit for a car...only 2 questions out of 25 that had anything to do with a motorcycle which seems ridiculous.

I am taking the class...and I am trying to find a little dirt bike to borrow for a little bit. Even borrowed my sisters bicycle (have not ridden for 20 years or so!) to help with the balance.

My husband knows me well enough not to say NO, but he is concerned. After being married for 8 years, and with two little boys, I am getting back to being me...like one of you said, I don't want to wake up one day when I am too old to do anything about it, wondering where the time went. The time is now! Stay tuned!

Sep 16, 2010
Do both?
by: Mary

I have a similar issue with my mom and aunts. They lost their older sister to a motorcycle accident, so they've always hated them. But it's something I've always wanted to do and nothing would stop me. My mom knows this about me, but I know she would worry a lot. So my compromise was to not tell her at least until I've gotten a year of experience. Lemme tell you though, with how excited riding is, it's hard to keep the cat in the bag!

Sep 03, 2010
Wanda's right on!
by: Helen Wheels

Wanda is one smart cookie! I agree. You can't live the life your family wants you to live, you have to live the life you want to live. One day you are going to wake up at 90 years old and say either - damn why didn't I do that, or yes! I did it and I loved every minute!!

Aug 28, 2010
Family Opinions
by: Sandra

I have a husband and in-laws that detest my having a bike, even though my husband has his own! My own parents, oddly enough, have not verbalized how bad of an idea they may think it is - they are just amused by me...and my brother helped me learn to ride my 800 cc bike even before I took the class (TAKE THE CLASS!); I have no problems w/the size of the bike...

But I do have problems w/my husband getting irritated when I want to ride - he wants to keep me safe. My family has no personal experience to point to, so I can understand your hesitation.

Bottom line, if you believe you can share your enthusiasm with them, even in the face of something terrible possibly happening, I'd move forward...but if the guilt trips and constant put downs are not expected to go away...

I'd hate to see you pass it up - safety is never guaranteed to anyone, in a car, on a plane, even in our bathrooms! But we DO have to live with, and listen to, our family constantly...and if all they can say makes us feel bad...I wish you luck with making a decision everyone can be comfortable with...i.e. I hope you can get the bike!

Aug 28, 2010
Excellent Advice
by: Anonymous

I think Wanda's advice is the best you'll receive. And take the MSF course before you do anything else!

Aug 28, 2010
Be Polite to Family, Do What You Want
by: Wanda

I am sorry about your father. I would politely listen to what your family has to say, thank them for being concerned about you well-being, and then proceed cautiously if riding is something you are serious about. Take the MSF class. Master your machine. Practice, practice, practice. Always practice your skills, and always stay alert. Do not ride when you are tired, emotional, or otherwise distracted. You should be able to handle the 700 cc. Just take it slow at first. You might want to sit on it to see how it fits you before buying. Getting a good fit, so that you will be in a comfortable riding position is key. Good luck if you decide to pursue this new adventure. Be safe.

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