A tip about kickstands and alcohol

by Lynne
(Penfield, NY)

Don't forget to put the kickstand down before dismounting the bike, and make sure it is down ALL THE WAY.

I had just come home from a short ride and the neighbors popped over for some cocktails before I put the bike in the garage. After they left, I remembered the bike was still out in the driveway, so I hopped on it and without starting it just power walked it into the garage and parked it.

But my kickstand wasn't fully engaged and as I was throwing my right leg over the bike to dismount, it folded. Not much you can do when you're standing on one leg and a 350 pound chunk of metal falls on you.

My engine guard protected the bike, along with the soft padding (me!) it landed on. It seriously felt like a slow motion body slam to the cement, but my feelings were more hurt than anything else. At least the bike was cooled down, otherwise I might have gotten some nasty burns to match the bruises.

I had a personal rule to never drink and ride. I have sinced changed that rule to be never drink and get anywhere near your bike whether it's running or not!

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Aug 21, 2011
facing the bike
by: Lois

I'm with Lynne, for me facing the bike squat down get a good grip under the seat and handle bar lift useing your legs, just like a weightlifter does. My bkes weigh around 400 each I ride alone and I know I can lift either one if I have to.

Aug 16, 2011
Keeping on topic...
by: Lynne

Keeping on topic about this post, if the bike is down and the kickstand is on the side facing skyward, be sure that kickstand is down and engaged before you try to straighten up the bike or it's just going to fall over in the other direction. You don't want to cause your scooter to be flip floppin' around on the pavement like a fish, lol!

Aug 16, 2011
How to do is hard to find
by: Lynne

Hi, yeh - I looked all over the internet and all I can find is the same method described exactly the same way in any place I could find the alternate way. Here is one locations:
You have to scroll down past the first way to see the 2nd way.
I called the garage just now and spoke to the service manager who taught the other method, and he is agreeable to let me video the method in the parking lot some evening next week. Once I have that video I will put it up on YouTube under my channel (Lynnetto) and post it here.

Aug 16, 2011
Video of this method?
by: Anonymous

Lynn... Do you have a lead i.e.( Website) for video using this technique, using the handlebars and and crouching under the bike? All I'm coming up with is the one with your back to seat and you rock your way up. I am curious if that that would be easier.

Aug 15, 2011
by: Anonymous

I picked my bike up myself in the garage. Not completely over, but when I dropped it in the icey slush at the end of the lane once, I didn't get the chance, hubby ran over and helped me with it. sweet of him

Aug 12, 2011
Pick Up
by: Lynne

Yeh, actually -- I had been to a garage party that showed 2 ways to right a downed bike. The one that worked best for me at the garage party (was a 650 we practiced on) was the one where you crouch down facing the bike, position the handle bars over your head and just stand up using your legs. But since my leg was kind of mangled, even though I tried that approach first, it hurt. So I did the one where you squat down and put your butt up against the middle of the bike, I grabbed it under the rear fender and the gas tank and started using my weight in a rocking motion to bring it up. Worked like a charm. But if it hadn't been for the leg, my preference would still be the squat and stand.

Aug 11, 2011
Falling bike
by: Anonymous

I agree when the bike decides to fall at stand still it IS LIKE SLOW MOTION and quite dreadful feeling. My questions did you pick ur bike up by yourself ? I dropped mine ( gently on purpose) to try to see if the pick upnis as easy as some of the videos make it look... My opinion is NOT, I got it righted once out of five attempts. BTW I ride a Sportster which weighs appox. 575 lbs .

Aug 09, 2011
by: Anonymous

GLad your not drinking and riding but, I did the same thing, just absent minded. In a hurry after riding down the lane to get the mail. Slow motion is right!! I went all the way down. Here I am flat on my back on the garage floor, bike tipped over, dogs licking my face! Glad no one saw that.....

Aug 09, 2011
All OK
by: Anonymous

Hi Lynne,

Glad to hear both you and your bike are safe and sound, hopefully not too many bruises. I too have the no drink and ride policy and will now add get bike parked and to bed before having a drink at the end of a long days ride!!!!

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