by Bobbie

Would love to heare from some of you experienced women out ther. I know you''re there because I see you almost every time I ride. I ant to hear from younger riders too. We can learn from each other. We older women have much to tell and would love to heare from the younger gals to. Our stories will be different, but will compliment one another and make more complete the story of biker girls.

Comments for 50+

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Oct 10, 2014
Not over the hill yet!
by: Nana

Took the MSC at 50 and got my license. First I just wanted to know how to ride "in case." Then I thought I might try to ride my own and started on a Suzuki Blvd. C50 which I proceeded to drop - A LOT. But after months of practice and a lot of determination, I was on the road and keeping up with the "big boys." Then a Victory Kingpin Low was offered at the local dealership. It was low mileage and a great price, so I jumped in.

She's been my baby for 3 years now. I got up the courage 2 years ago to ride her on a group trip to Colorado - went over Trail Ridge Road 3x. It was a little scary, but I did it! Even though it was raining and I had some throttle problems that had to be addressed on the side of the road, I just kept riding.

Then this summer we took a group trip to Texas Hill Country and I rode the Twisted Sisters. We logged just under 2,000 miles on that 7 day trip. I feel like I have attained "Road Warrior" status at this point.

My next goal is to take a solo trip. I don't need to go far, but a long weekend navigating by myself sounds very empowering. My kids and guy will be nervous wrecks, but I feel like it is something I need to do.

Keep riding - and keep the shiny side up!

Oct 07, 2014
Riding at 50+
by: BarbieButzer

I got my license at 50 and have never looked back. I too wished I would've started in my 20's but you can't look back - just forward.

I'm about to take my 4th riding trip. The hubby and I have gone to Daytona Beach, Tennessee, North Carolina, Georgia. You get the picture. We're heading out again on a fugawee trip. Can't wait. The passion for riding gets in your blood.

Just keep riding. The freedom is amazing! There's nothing better than a ride on the bike for stress.

It's like the old saying.....If I have to explain, you won't understand.

Rock on ladies!!

Oct 05, 2014
You are never too old
by: Janice In Ohio

I wish I had started riding in my 20s but I cannot unring that bell! Instead I took the MSF at age 50 and failed! I had never ridden anything but a four wheeler and the MSF I do believe expects you to know a bit before hand. My hubby got me a Rebel to practice on. After a summer of practice I passed the MSF. I now ride a Shadow Spirit 750. And am approaching 54.

I think as an older rider I probably am more cautious. But it does get easier each time I ride. My confidence has grown though I am not where I want to be.

Do not let your age stop you. We only get one chance at life. Have fun while you can! Ride on!

Sep 28, 2014
Hi Bobbie!
by: Judy

Longterm rider here, I'm 56 and have ridden on the street legally since '77. I bought my first street-only bike in Germany early '77, a '73 Yamaha RD350 2-stroke twin. I didn't know it at the time, but I'd just stumbled upon the best-handling bike of the era, one with which a skilled rider could, literally and figuratively "smoke" Honda 750 (and bigger bike) riders in the canyons easily. There was even a famous magazine ad about it.

I never fell out of love with the little smokers, so out of the 10 bikes I currently own, only one is a modern 4-stroke. I ride in the foothills and mountains all summer. Due to arthritic hands I don't ride in cool (< 60F) temperatures. Not just uncomfortable, but actually dangerous.

I'm not sure I could stand living in an area that didn't have a lot of twisty roads. Straight line, freeway travel is an equal combination of boredom and terror (out-of-control Semis).

Luckily a friend of mine just bought a place in the Inland Empire, east of the area between Los Angeles and San Diego, so I'll have a place to escape to during the worst of the winter here in the NW. Constant cloudiness and intermittent rain from Nov. through about April....sigh.

Sep 28, 2014
by: Lynn - SW Florida

57 going on 40 here - ha ha!

I am lucky to live in SW Florida where we ride year round. This past Thurs. I had the day off of work and took my BF on a birthday ride. We ride over to a wooden bridge that crosses Horse Creek. With all the rain, the creek was very high.

Yesterday I did what I call "a tank of gas ride" without stopping. I went alone and took all my fav. backroads. I only made it to 110 miles before deciding to stop for lunch where my hubby cooks hot dogs for a dealership on Saturdays. My tank gets about 140 before warning me. Motorcycle therapy. I love it!!

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