4000 plus miles so far

by Colleen

me and my sportster

me and my sportster

Hello ladies-

Been a while since I posted here. Just wanted to update you ladies.
I started out on a Rebel in 2011, moved up to my Sportster in Feb of last year. The Hubby bought me Red Harley for Valentines Day :) I Have about 4000 miles under my belt since then and have learned how to ride in a group and by myself. I have had some minor incidents of stupidity or forgetfulness. Using my front brake has caused me to drop my bike 2 times - once in my driveway and once in some gravel on the side of a highway. I managed to not get hurt and realized quickly that the Front brake over usage is BAD for me.
I have gained a lot of confidence and LOVE riding with my hubby and my 18 yo son who both have Harleys. Hubby and I took a week off of work and rode about 100 miles a day around here in Pa and WV and some parts of OH.
I always wondered when I would reach the point of being able to ENJOY the ride and not feel like I was working really hard, I don't know when it happened - but it has. I can feel the freedom of riding - I can feel my connection to God and I can feel my Father in Heaven smiling down on me from His Harley in the sky. I see my son riding in front of me and I have such a strong sense of pride and love for the man he is becoming.
I'm so grateful my husband and I can bond on another level when we ride together, I love it. Words can't truly express what this experience has meant to me.
If you are new to this ladies- stick with it. The results are worth it!!
Pittsburgh- PA

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Jun 29, 2013
New Rider
by: Barb

It's so awesome to find this site dedicated to women riders. I'm a new rider as well and gave been riding 2-up with my husband the last couple years. He has a really nice BMW 1100. We did a trip to the Outer Banks in 2011 and that's when I realized I wanted to get my own bike. My husband helped me find a nice Honda Rebel and I rode a lot in parking lots the 1st month then signed up and took the PA RSC. The Rebel was a great confidence builder and after 2 months on the road I knew I wanted to move up to a bigger bike. I found a BEAUTIFUL Suzuki S50 Boulevard 800 and I love it. I ride every chance I get and my husband and I really love riding together. I would love to find more women riders to ride with, I'm sure God will open up a window. I've had my new bike for 1 month and have already put on 750 miles. I just turned 57 and I am loving riding. Ladies, don't let your age get in the way, it's just a number.

Jun 08, 2013
by: chiefgopher

Hubby and I took the safety course together as a couple. He already had a bike and i rode with him for a few months and then he bought me my dream bike that I havve wanted since I was 16. He bought me a honda shadow aero. We put 10 thousand miles on them last year. We rode from MS to WV in two days spent some time with family and then back in two days again. We are planning a trip from MS to Mt. Rushmore and Yellowstone and all the sights up that way and then back. We will be taking two weeks to do this trip for our 27th anniversary. good luck and have a great time out there having fun.

Jun 08, 2013
Getting my first bike as a present for my 50th, need advice!!
by: Davina

I have always wanted a motorcycle, but was held back by a boring (now ex-) husband. It is time. I'll be 50 in a year and before that date, I want to get a motorcycle and get in some practice riding, so that I can do some sort of long trip for my b-day. I've been looking at a lot of bikes and asking questions, but all the riders I know are men, so any advice for beginners would be greatly appreciated!! And it is awesome to see other women starting to ride at 50 and later!! That encourages me a lot! Thanks!!

Jun 08, 2013
For Sharon in Portland
by: Judy

Sharon, I'm sorry I never saw your ad. I am a 55 year old woman, and I've ridden on the stree since 1977. I've also taught and mentored some new riders. I would be happy to help out with helping you gain more confidence. You can reach me at Quicklimegirl@hotmail.com

It's nice to see more and more women riders. When I first started, it was literally more than a decade before I can remember seeing other women riders (not passengers) on their own bikes!

Jun 08, 2013
New at 50
by: Sharon

I have always wanted to ride but didn't know anyone who did so it sat on the back burner. I turned 50 at the end of last summer and decided if I really wanted to ride I had better do it. I took the Team Oregon class in May and got my endorsement. I bought a Honda Rebel the end of May. I make myself go out and ride everyday the weather permits. I just ride around the neighborhood practicing what I learned in class. I am not very confident yet and like you, to much thinking and concentrating to enjoy the ride. Have not riden in traffic or on the freeway yet but hope that will come with time. I posted an ad on Craig's List looking for someone to ride with. A 60yo woman responded and bless her heart she is taking me riding today. I am so excited to ride with an experienced rider. Love reading all your posts.

Jun 08, 2013
7000 under my belt now
by: Jeanne

Great post! I completely understand what you mean about the moment you begin riding and enjoying it rather than thinking about every movement. I have begun riding with a group regularly and even overcome my fear of switchback mountains. Last weekend the group road over 4 of those mountain ranges and while I was a bit nervous, I kept up with them well and truly enjoyed the curves! This week I turned 50 and it is such a joy to ride with my 27 yo and 24 yo sons and my husband.

Enjoying God's creation and breathtaking sights on a bike is one of my greatest pleasures!!

Jun 08, 2013
Thank you <3
by: N62

It's women like you that continue to inspire me to not give up on my passion. I'm 50 and working on getting my first bike this summer. For personal reasons, I haven't been able to get much practice in the 2 years that I've had my license...but there hasn't been one day that's gone by that I haven't thought about riding and what it means to me. It's time for me to now love myself enough to follow my dream of riding. It's not a want...it's a need :)
Congratulations to you! It's wonderful that riding with your family continues to give you so much joy...

God bless, Nani

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