2009 Suzuki Boulevard S40

by Karen Washington
(East Tennessee Mountains)

Cruiser, 650 cc. low center of gravity, extremely light weight so very easy for a women to control..navigate, slim gas tank, perfection with a smooth belt drive, size, slimness of styling, comfort and is ONE HOT, FAST ENOUGH BIKE

Comments for 2009 Suzuki Boulevard S40

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Jul 07, 2013
Kind of gasoline
by: Anonymous

I always used only NO ETHANOL Regular Unleaded. Which costs more with NO ETHANOL in it. I have heard that all cars model 2006 and newer do not need the "no ethanol" gas as the engines have been created specifically to run well on gas containing Ethanol. I am not at all sure if that is the case with motorcyles. All small engine mechanics have always advised me to use NO ETHANOL gas, in LAWNMOWERS, any other small engines. I also would add some "Seafoam" fuel additive, every now and then, sold at all automotive stores, Autozone, Advance Auto, O'Reillys, and Walmart, but usually cheaper when any of the auto stores run it on sale very frequently.

Jun 05, 2013
by: Anonymous

I am new to the motorcycle ownership world. I recently purchased my first bike, 2007 Suzuki S40 Boulevard. It is backfiring and everything I read on the internet tells me it is common for this bike. Any way to stop or reduce the backfiring? also, what grade of gas is recommended?

Jan 06, 2013
To: "Boulevard? by Dar
by: Anonymous

The boulevard S40 650 is less than half of your listed 800 lbs. It is the lightest bike in a 650cc (actually 652cc) powered engine, and the center of gravity is so low that is what makes it such an amazing bike for a woman or any beginner. I have an 09, have never had one single problem with it, over 20,000 miles on it, and now I want the Boulevard 800cc. But, of course the 800cc will weigh a lot more, so I may keep my S40 anyway. LOVE, Love, LOVE the Suzuki Boulevard S40 652 cc!!!!!!!!!!!! Best street bike ever designed for a girl or a beginner!!

Dec 14, 2012
Great starter bike!
by: Anonymous

I am only 5'2" and I wanted my first bike to be larger than 250CC so I could keep up with traffic commuting down the interstate to work. I bought a used 2009 Suzuki Boulevard S40 in "red" (although, I think it looks more like dark pink, which I love!).

I really enjoy riding this bike. It is 652cc and I have trouble getting it over 60 mph across the windy highway in 5th gear. I keep wishing it had a 6th gear. So I am very glad I didn't purchase a 250cc bike like the Honda Rebel. The bike is comfortable and light weight. I could pick it up if I tipped it over, but I'm hoping that won't happen any day soon (knock on wood).

It is also light weight (352 lbs dry weight before the weight of my saddle bags, sissy bar, and after-market windshield). And at 5'2", I have no trouble getting onto the bike. My feet sit flat on the ground with my knees bent.

I am already dreaming about upgrading to something with a little more power and more room for a passenger. But I love this cute little bike. I might hold on to it for a while even after I buy a new bike in a year or so.

Oct 01, 2012
by: Dar

I recently passed my rider safety course and looking for a bike. I never heard of the Boulevard until recently when i saw them online for sale. It's great to hear that this 800lb bike is still easy for a beginner to handle, let alone a woman. I'm reading the reviews on all the bikes i like. I want a big bike and the Boulevard is definitely in the running. Thanks for your postings, great info for a newbie.

Sep 17, 2012
They are great bikes
by: Anonymous

I absolutely agree. Mine is awesome. Its a perfect step up from a Rebel which is what I started on. 650cc's with great torque and will ride the highways with ease. I've gone all over my state with it this summer. Mine's a '96 - back then they were called the Savage. Its yellow and has been bullet proof the last two summers. Absolutely no problems, very reliable.

To the other poster who was unhappy - maybe the carbs needed cleaning? I would have taken it to another shop.

Anyway there are thousands of happy campers. It even has its own forum. People have travelled cross-country with it. Enjoy your ride.

Sep 17, 2012
mine was a lemon
by: Rene L

I had this bike. It was my first and based on my experience I can not recommend it. Not sure if mine was just a lemon, but it was brand new when I purchased it and by the time I had only 500 or 600 miles on the bike, it had been back at the dealer for stalling 3 times. It got so bad that I was never comfortable when I was riding because I was always afraid it was going to stop again. The dealer was never really able to give me a clear reason for the problem. Also, it has the kind of brakes that don't stop very well.

Finally, in frustration, I gave up and traded it in for a new Susuki Boulevard C-50T. I've had this one for two years now and love the bike. It rides much better, brakes much better, is much more stable and I have never had a minute of trouble with it. It's heavier and is a 800, but is still easy for a newbie, at least that has been my experience with it.

So for those of you who go for the S-40, I hope your experience with it is better than mine was.

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