20011 Ducati Monster 696 or 2001 Suzuki GSXR 600/750

by Laura
(Tarzana, ca)

I am 5'3 and 105 lbs. I currently ride a 2009 Ninja 250 and got my license and bike 2 months ago. I feel in love with the Ducati but while at a dealer looked the new GSXR 600 and 750's. It was lighter, and can be lowered more than the Ducati so am now considering the GSXR. Am curious about the power bands, and how these 2 ride. Any comments would be much appreciated.

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Dec 31, 2011
It'll be awhile
by: Lark

Thanks Susanne, it's nice to know that I'm not alone in dropping a bike! It will be awhile before I buy a new bike and I really do love my GSXR. Maybe a couple of years and then I'll consider a Ducati. I'm also a team roper and actually have to buy a new head horse before I buy another bike. I appreciate your encouragement. I'm sure I'll run into you again on here, take care!

Dec 31, 2011
Still do
by: Susanne

I still have those moments after years of riding. I dropped my Ninja650 the day before I sold it(ugh). I had my brand new Ducati and sure enough I dropped it in the drive on the way out to go the dealer for an oil change. To repair the fairing scratches on my Ninja was 300.00. My Ducati cost me 410.00. Both times I had my head up my butt and wasn't paying attention to what I was doing. Lark I understand what your saying but I also know that a dropped bike is a heck of alot cheaper to repair than anything mechanical. Heck most bikes you can find almost any body part on the Internet. Another point for very little money most can fit some frame sliders to help protect the bike if dropped. It's not perfect but might help. Please know most Ducati/Triumph/BMW dealers allow test rides. After riding a Monster my husband bought a Triumph. Whatever you buy please take your time and think about how you plan to ride(long trips,twisties,highway) before you buy.

Dec 31, 2011
Maybe it's just me...
by: Lark

What I was talking about Susanne was not so much the mechanical aspect of the bike, but the messing it up aspect. Last weekend for instance, I had been doing really well on my GSXR when all of a sudden at a right corner I slowed way down but didn't stop....and dropped my bike on it's side. Yep. You are probably a more experienced rider than I am, I've only been riding since Sept. and before that it had been over 30 yrs since I had owned a bike, but I can only imagine how bummed I would have been if that had been a brand new bike that feel on it's side on the asphalt. I would love to have a Ducati too, but after I have more experience and don't drop my freaking bike at a corner!
Happy New Year ladies and be safe! Spring is right around the corner.

Dec 31, 2011
your choice of bike
by: missrider

You should get what your heart desires. You will know when you take the bike you are interested for a test ride. Your body and soul will tell you if that bike you are testing is the one for you. If the seller does not allow you to test ride it, keep walking, don't waste your time. Good luck and stay safe my friend.

Dec 31, 2011
by: Susanne

While I agree that Ducatis can tend to be pricey but a new 2012 Ducati Monster 696 lists for 9,200.00. Okay some may say WOW that's a bucket of cash but it also has a two year warranty with no mileage restrictions. From what I've read(not needed to use it) on my Diavel forum those that have used the warranty have had no problems what so ever. No questions , just fixed. Maintenance schedule is very forgiving on the wallet. I'll pay a bit more now to know after 30,000 miles if my ECU takes a crap and I'm in the warranty it's paid for. Good luck on your search for the right bike.

Dec 18, 2011
Bunch of money ...
by: Lark

Ducati's are great, but super, super expensive. If this is going to be your upgrade-hopefully after a little more time-be aware that you may lay it down or drop it. Ouch. I have a '98 Suzuki GSXR 750. It red lines at 13K. The power band is super high. Will I ever use this bike to it's full capacity? Doubtful, although I live in a rural area with wide open spaces so have more of an opportunity to get on it. Take into consideration how and where you'll ride. My bike had been dropped a couple of times and laid down. I'm okay with that because if I drop it, I won't be cringing over the scratches I've put in it, and it still looks great. Lots to think about. Take your time. BTW-I'm 5,3" and 57 yrs old.

Nov 28, 2011
You can buy anything....
by: Anonymous

... Is your goal to be a really good rider on a hot bike or to be a really lame rider who embarrasses other women riders by being a joke on a bike that's too much for her?
If you want to develop some serious skills, give it some time and practice on the Ninja before upgrading. For those women who are under the impression that all 250 cc bikes are the same skill level, let me assure you that a 250 cc sport bike is NOT like a 250 cc cruiser...

Nov 13, 2011
In love
by: Dawn

I ride. I ride a lot, I track race and I ride hard. I have two bikes; a Buell 1125R (V-twin bike) and a GSXR 750 (4 cyl). They're very different. I like to refer to the GSXR as my videogame bike, you think it, it does it. But you have to be able to control its capabilities. If you're used to counter-steering on your 250 now, then just know it won't be necessary when you're on the 750. It's one of those things where you don't just "grow into it". GSXR's are notorious for their great handling and ease of turning, but would you send a two year old out on a bike without training wheels? I can't stress enough that you need to max out your riding skills on your 250 before graduating. I know it seems "lame" to be on a small bike for a long time, but you learn a LOT from a small bike. Just take your time and master it, and you'll be there in a heartbeat!

Nov 09, 2011
there u go..
by: Hi

I do agree with some warnings Judy has stated, it is only because I've seen a person with 250cc experience jump on a higher cc bike and then the bike flies out from underneath them because they put too much throttle, not knowing the power of the bike. I've also seen many videos on YouTube concerning that matter too.

but I also agree with what Susanne said as well, because they all applied to me.
"You will know when to or if to upgrade/change bikes.

The bike doesn't make the rider but the rider makes the bike.

Its not necessarily the years/months you've spent riding but the miles you've ridden."

Nov 08, 2011
by: Susanne

My Ducati Diavel is my third street bike and I love it. Low seat height(30.3) and amazing handling with DTC(traction control) and ABS as added safety features. The bike has three settings for riders to choose from. Urban(high DTC and low HP) touring(high DTC more HP) and sport(no restrictions). You will know when to or if to upgrade/change bikes. Less than a year after buying my Ninja650 I bought the Ducati. The bike is just amazing. But may I add to what Judy said earlier. The bike doesn't make the rider but the rider makes the bike. Its not necessarily the years/months you've spent riding but the miles you've ridden. I've known people who've barely ride a thousand miles a year and I do that in a month or less. Just take your time and if at all possible try to find a dealer that allows a test ride. Most exclusive Ducati dealers will let you test ride.

Nov 08, 2011
True that Judy.
by: leila

I have heard from many people that its not for everyone, it is discouraging to hear so. But people warn for the safety of others. If it didn't happen, it wouldn't be brought to attention. For me, I went forward with it, because I knew myself and my capabilities.

My first bike was a 600cc and that was also when I first began riding in general. Never rode on motorcycles in my entire life, only as a passenger.

As a matter of fact, I did get bored of my 600 very fast. I upgraded to a litre in less than a month after the first bike. I have loved every moment i've had with my 2nd bike and everything about it. Really no braggart, but I've exceeded its capabilities I am happy with my litre bike and not lookin to upgrade to anything else yet. If anything I'll be getting a 3rd bike with lower cc's, for stunting.

Nov 07, 2011
Comfort & Familiarity vs. Total Experience
by: Judy

Every time I see a post like yours I tend to cringe quite a bit. Why? Because I see this same kind of thing, year in and year out, and the result is almost NEVER positive.

You've had your bike for all of two months. In that time, it sounds as though you might be starting to confuse familiarity and comfort with your current bike to an experience level you just don't have. Any really good rider knows a couple of things:
1) You're always 100% invisible to car drivers; and
2) You're always learning and developing your skills.

Like I said, year and after I see this in new riders. They have developed a comfort level with their current ride which they mistake for far more skill than what they truly have. Are we next going to hear from you, "I'm bored with this little 250?" Because that's another very misguided phrase I hear every year.

Unless you can ride that 250 beyond IT'S capability, there's no reason to be looking at something as powerful as a GSXR 600/750. 90% of vastly experienced riders out there CANNOT ride those bikes up to their capability. I have been riding on the street for over 35 years, and I can say with a totally straight face, the Ninja 250 is one of the most capable and fun street bikes out there. Experienced sportbike riders have a saying: "It's more fun to ride a slower bike fast than a faster bike slow." What happens when a nominally-experienced rider such as yourself gets on what is basically a racebike with lights (GSXR600/750) is more often than not they will become intimidated by the bike and become unable to fully develop their riding skill. But on a bike like the Ninja 250, you CAN do so without the kind of unforgiving nature of the GSXR.

Do yourself a favor and keep the Ninja 250 for at least another year or two. Save up some $$$ to do a couple of track days on it, to really develop your skills.

You'll be a much better rider for it.

Good luck.

Nov 07, 2011
by: Robin

I have a 2007 ducati monster 695. It's all kinds of cool and unbelievably fun to ride. Some things to consider, though, are the clutch and throttle both have a narrow engagement point. Combine that with the engine that chugs at low rpms, and you have to really finesse your way through low speed riding. Also, I have sever hand cramps riding any distance - not sure if that's from posture or throttle action. Also, the maintenance requirements are something to consider. It's gonna cost a bit more.
The monster makes up for it with power and agility that'll take your breath away. Not sure how it compares to a Ninja. Don't you wish it was easier to test ride bikes before you buy one? Check out ducatimonster.org for lots more info from monster owners.

Nov 07, 2011
by: missrider

I am a Ducati girl and have had the Monster 750 for 11 years. If you want attention, get the Ducati. Very sexy bike. I am 5'3" too. Love my power ban but never been able to compare it with anything else. I just love the attention and not too many females ride a Ducati.

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