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January 15, 2008

Happy New Year!
And when will it be Spring?

Yep, I've got it and it's only January. I'm already bored with snow, cold and - well, winter. Now that all the holiday festivities are over, and the traditional 5 pounds have been added to my waistline, I'm ready to hit the road. I need sunshine, warmth and a fully charged, fully gassed, freshly rubbered motorcycle and a nice twisty road. Is that asking for too much?

Usually I use the winter months for getting back in shape after the holidays, and this year is no exception. But, I think of a nice spring day for a motorcycle ride, especially as I watch the snow fall on a cold winter day.

One event that we do look forward every February is the Chicago Motorcycle Show, which is usually scheduled for the first full weekend in the month. Sponsored by CycleWorld magazine, the International Motorcycle Show is held at various locations throughout the year. Here in the Midwest, we are lucky to have the show take place during a typically bad-weather month. Bob thinks that the show is the unofficial start of the riding season.

If you are near a location of the show, I highly recommend it. You can pick up free information from vendors, tour companies and all of the motorcycle manufacturers have models on the floor - you can sit on bikes and learn specifics about the new bikes. Some manufacturers even offer special incentives for purchases. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes - you'll cover some ground if you see the entire show.

Her-Motorcycle Sponsors a Spring Ride

Speaking of Spring, I am excited about another really great motorcycle site -, (go visit)and am happy that I will be a sponsor of a ladies ride through the Berkshires on May 17th. Too bad that I can't actually be there in person, but maybe I'll get the "virtual experience." So go meet another Christine, and read about the ride. The ride sounds wonderful, and is actually being put together for a charitable cause - to help 2 girls who recently lost their daddy. Do you need a better reason to ride?

What's New at Her-Motorcycle

Over the next few months, expect to see some changes - as I embark on a website re-design. I've been learning some advanced html and css coding, and will soon be revising the "graphics." Hopefully, any glitches will be short-lived and tempoorary. The ultimate goal of my redecorating is a more informative, easy to navigate site.

For now, here are some new pages added since the last newsletter:

Vintage Honda Motorcycle - this one is a beauty - an automatic Honda from the past.

A review of my cold weather gloves - with an important operational safety tip.

Motorcycle helmet accessories for the multi-tasker motorcyclist

Helmet Cameras - on the top of my most-wanted list.

And everything you didn't know you wanted to know about motorcycle batteries - exciting, I know, but essential.

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