would i be able to drive it?

i'm omly 5'2 and i'm eager to ride the ducati monster 696. It's seat height is 30.1 inches and my legs' lenght is approximately 24 inches. Would i be able to ride it with safety? The other thing is that i dont want to compromise and end up riding something less than a gorgeous sport motorbike....
thank u :-)

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Jun 01, 2014
Ducati Monster 696
by: Christina

I'm a new rider with a Buell blast and I'm in love with the Monster. I have a 27 inch inseam, any idea exactly how low the Ducati 696 was lowered. I'm would love to have it as my next bike. I'm also afraid of being told they can lower it enough for me and to find out that I'm not comfortable after the entire process of lower suspension,lower seat etc. tip toeing on the balls of my feet are just fine..but not tiptoes. I'm not ready for that!


Dec 13, 2013
696 fit
by: Anonymous

I'm 5'2" and the 696 fit me fine. I was on the balls of my feet but that's comfortable to me. I want the 796 because I'm a little more advanced rider than most girls and I would like to have that power that the 696 can't deliver. Plus I love the single-sided swingarm. 1100 is out of the question. Too short. I'm going to get the 796 lowered so I'm hoping it can get lowered to the seat height of the 696.

Apr 25, 2013
by: RN4eod

I just started riding a year ago. I inherited the 2012 Monster 796 after the husband bought the 2013 Diavel Dark. I am only 5'3", but fit quite nicely on the 796. I am going to have it lowered just s tad to feel a little more solid. If you go to Europe and watch the girls ride, they are not flat on two feet.I am solid on the balls of my feet on the 796 and considering it is so light, this is great for me. If you want to ride a Monster or other Ducati, do it. My riding instructor was like 4"11" and she rides a BMW 1200, that is a big bike. Go to a reputible dealer and one who is friendly to girls. I know that there is one in Saint Louis, Mo. and Springfield, Il. they are both great with girls, at least they were with me.

Feb 21, 2012
Buy it
by: Lenore

I bought a 2009 monster 696 3 yrs ago before I could ride. Everyone wanted me to get a Harley. I'm also 5'2" & the Harley just didn't feel right. When I sat on the Duc I fell in love. It just felt right. I had the seat cut down, the suspension lowered, & the handlebars were moved towards my body so I'm not lying over the tank. I recently sat on the Diavel (it WILL be my next bike) but it is twice the cost of the 696 so that might be an issue.

Feb 06, 2012
Ducati Monster 696
by: Susanne

First and foremost go to the dealer and request a test ride. Most Ducati dealers allow it as long as you are properly licensed. Second ask them to lower the shock as most can be lower(softened) and help you achieve the height you are looking for. I am 5'1 and stopped to buy a 696 and sat on a Diavel and bought it that day(after a test ride). But I would of bought the Monster 796 or 1100 if the Diavel wasn't available. For 250.00 on EBay you can get a low seat for a Monster. Also there are lowering kits available for the Monster. So I guess what I'm saying is if you want a Monster there is no reason you can't get one. I know it was a Monster or a Diavel for me. Next year it's a Streetfighter848. Oh did I mention I'm a runt too..Don't let being short deter you from a bike.

Feb 06, 2012
would I be able to ride
by: Tammy

I am in agrement that you sit on the bike again and determine, is it worth the risk if you cannot comfortably rest both feet firmly on the ground.. In saying that however you are the only one that can make that final decision. Follow your gut feeling. Good luck..And have fun.

Feb 05, 2012
by: Dawn

I agree. Go sit on the bike. If you can't touch the ground almost flat footed, you may encounter times where that will be a BIG problem for you. I would rather ride a bike I don't love as much and be safe than to love my ride and break a leg because I couldn't reach when I needed to.

You're the only one who will truly know if the fit is good for you. Go sit on it for a while. If this is your first bike, sorry to say that you probably can't know what will feel comfortable until you've ridden the bike for a good 1-2k miles. I love my Strat, she's big (a 1900), but when I sat on her at the dealership, I wasn't totally comfortable with the seat/height/handlebars. I feel completely comfortable now, after about 7k miles on her. I have made many modifications to make her that comfortable though.

Good luck and keep the shiny side up!

Feb 05, 2012
Ducati Seat Height
by: Anonymous

I'm 5'4" and I was able to reach the ground on the 696, but I didn't feel comfortable with the reach (I like to have both feet down as close to flat as I can). My solution was to buy the Ducati Diavel. It has the same seat height as the 696, but I believe the neck of the seat is narrower, because I was able to put much more of my foot down on the ground than I could on the 696. Even with that, I still had the seat customized further and we were able to remove an additional 2 1/2 inches off the height of the seat. Now I am pretty much flat foot when I ride.

The best thing you can do is go and sit on/ test drive any bike you're considering to see if it feels comfortable for you.

Happy riding!

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